About Me

Well Hello to all the internet nomads out there. I enjoy writing science fiction/fantasy, romance/erotic original fiction and fan fiction.

I stepped out of writing for a few years (long, personal and boring story) but now I am back, dusting off the cobwebs from some former manuscripts and committing to finishing them. So be prepared for non-human Heroes, Sassy leading ladies and a healthy dose of Sci-fi or fantasy action.

I have completed (and will continue to add to) some fan fiction works that will be available as free reads here. I am also working on another original fiction that will hopefully be ready for publishing by this time next year.

Random things you may find fun about me:

  • I own two horses (hoping to add a third soon).
  • I own every season so far of Dexter and Spartacus. My favorite movies are the French 2014 Beauty and the Beast, Red Riding Hood, Star Dust, Prince of Persia, 300, Strange Magic, and the Cat from Outer Space.
  • I love reading Erotic Romance novels, specifically those written in the sci-fi or fantasy genre.
  • My favorite writing snacks are BBQ Chex mix with Coffee. mmmm good.
  • I’m a glutton for RPG video games  (Skyrim, Dragonage, the Witcher, and ELEX)
  • I enjoy adult anime (the Appleseed movies, Death Note, and Strait Jacket are a few of my favorites)
  • I buy a new ornament every year for our Christmas Tree.
  • I am a sap for a good Hallmark Channel romance movie.
  • My favorite book is The Light Bearer by Donna Gillespie. I read this book 5 times within 2 years.
  • I love Dreamworks and Pixar cartoons.
  • I am geek for action movies: I grew up with The Lost Boys, Terminator, Indiana Jones, Aliens, Predators, Rambo, and Blood Sport.
  • My favorite comic book hero is Goliath from Gargoyles.
  • I’ve recently taken up skeet shooting and really enjoy that.
  • I am a sucker for fuzzy blankets.
  • My favorite color is royal blue.
  • I am obsessed with Pinterest!

~ Miss Kitty Roads, aspiring author


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