About Me

Well Hello to all the internet nomads out there traveling this giant super high way of information. This is a new adventure for me and we all shall see where it goes. I am a science fiction/fantasy, romance/erotica writer who is still battling with the insecurities of getting a book published. I participate in NaNoWriMo and have won the challenge of 50,000 words in 30 days multiple years in a row, but the novels have left me when it comes to the possibility of getting them published once November is over. This year is different…the novels are no longer leaving…they are in fact sticking around for the adventure so, be prepared for non-human Heroes, Sassy leading ladies and a healthy dose of Sci-fi or fantasy action.

Random things you may find fun about me:

  • I own two horses.
  • I own every season so far of Dexter and Spartacus. My favorite movies currently are Red Riding Hood, Star Dust, Prince of Persia, 300, and I just saw War Horse (loved it).
  • I love reading Erotic Romance novels, specifically those written in the sci-fi or fantasy genre.
  • My favorite writing snacks are BBQ Chex mix with a Dr. Pepper. mmmm good.
  • I love New Rock Boots and Black eye liner.
  • I’m a glutton for RPG video games and adult anime (the Appleseed movies and Strait Jacket are three of my favorites)
  • I belly danced in Las Vegas for a small troupe.
  • I prefer Ballet to yoga.
  • I love tattoos (when tastefully done).
  • I was an amateur bodybuilder.
  • I was a cop for the USAF.
  • I have driven a tank and flown over the Nevada desert in a “Black Hawk”.
  • I talk on the phone with one of my closest friends 2-6 hours every day (we live 1200 miles apart).
  • My favorite book is The Light Bearer by Donna Gillespie. I read this book 5 times within 2 years.
  • I love Dreamworks and Pixar cartoons.
  • I am geek for action movies: I grew up with The Lost Boys, Terminator, Indiana Jones, Aliens, Predators, Rambo, and Blood Sport.
  • My favorite comic book hero is Goliath from Gargoyles.
  • I have a “few” tattoos. ;)
  • My favorite color is royal blue.

~ Miss Kitty Roads, aspiring author


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