Novels *written and in progress*

1: “Questionably Human”

Click image for blurb and links to purchase.

2: “The Serpent’s Kiss” (a Ravenhold Novel) Current work in progress

A vampire plague is sweeping the country and with no cure in sight, people are scared. There is one group known as the Blood Paw Guards, rumored to be hunting for a cure. There is a second group known as the Serpent’s Kiss, a brotherhood of highly skilled assassins, hired to eliminate the Blood Paws at any cost…their employer…unknown.

Rhyn and her telepathic wolf Riak, have struggled for a year with amnesia, their memories refusing to come back to them as they attempt to make a life for themselves in the small hunting village of Antler Ridge. But, who were they and will it change who they are now?


Check back for more updates.

– Miss Kitty Roads


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