Shadow and Ghost

Shadow and Ghost (A Predators Fan Fiction)

-M- Rated for a reason! Please be 18 or older to continue reading.

This is a Fan Fiction so therefore I own NOTHING, save for the imagination of the story and my own characters fitting into the mold of “Predator”.

Rated ‘M’ for a reason: Explicit language, gore, and interspecies sex (not extremely explicit but it’s there).  You have been warned and if I haven’t scared you off yet, then I welcome you to the world in my head.

Please enjoy the adventure of Shadow and Ghost.


Chapter 1: First Encounter

Chapter 2: Cetanu’s Name

Chapter 3: To Keep Alive

Chapter 4: The Hunting Game

Chapter 5: Close Confines

Chapter 6: Training & Commitments

Chapter 7: Blood and Secrets

Chapter 8: Family Ties

Chapter 9: Conspiracy

Chapter 10: Chiva Preparation

Chapter 11: Armor

Chapter 12: The Hunt Begins

Chapter 13: Enemies and Allies

Chapter 14: Visor Cam

Chapter 15: Mar’cte



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