Chapter 11: Armor

Shadow and Ghost

Chapter 11: Armor


Entering their room Set’rath rounded on Bhu’ja as the door slid shut behind them and locked with an audible click, his large hand encircling her throat. She growled against his palm and struck his wrist with the side of her forearm, knocking his hand loose. His answering growl was enough to tell Bhu’ja that this was not another training session, but a much-needed release of sexual aggression, and she smiled behind her mask and pressed her palms against his chest armor as he spread his arms wide palms facing her and growled in a toying rumble at her. She kicked towards his heal which he easily stepped over and counter kicked towards hers. She stepped over his and again struck towards him, they danced their weaving footwork for a few more steps until he used his size to his advantage and shoved his thigh between hers, pinning her legs apart. He dropped his chest against hers pressing her back against the locked door, his claws screeching against the metal doorframe as his hands braced his weight. Purring deep in his chest as Bhu’ja ran her hands up the mesh adorning his ribcage and curled her blunt nails in to his flesh.

Set’rath gently cupped the side of her jaw and began detaching her bio mask, each hose hissing as it pulled free. “I have a better one for you.” He rumbled as he tossed the mask uncaring where it landed behind him. Tracing her hands over his broad shoulders and through his dreads, Bhu’ja followed his example and began detaching the hoses from his. Set’rath let Bhu’ja remove his mask and quirked his upper mandibles in his way of smiling when she took greater care to toss his on to the bed. He cupped her jaw and gently thumbed over the scars on her cheek, then with a lustful growl grabbed her throat and leaned in caressing her cheekbones and jaw line with the tusks tipping each mandible.

He purred at her sharp intake of breath. “This better mean you are back to sleeping with me and not in the other room again.” Bhu’ja said, her voice heavy with lust.

Set’rath’s rumbling growl vibrated through her chest. “I have not slept while apart from you.”

Bhu’ja slid her hands under his arms to grip his shoulder plates, holding him tightly against her as she wrapped a leg behind one of his knees. “Don’t expect to catch up tonight.”



Set’rath propped himself up on an elbow and stared down at the delicate form of Bhu’ja as she slept. Letting his eyes roam over the curve of her breast and followed the jagged stripes to her hips, where the indents of his claws where highlighted against her lighter skin tone. He grinned with self-satisfied pride at finding a mate that was exceeding his expectations and appeasing his need to have a life mate. She was small, but stronger than he ever would have expected thinking back to the first time he had seen her when she climbed that tree next to him.

He admitted silently she had intrigued him even then and hoped that his current worries over her Chiva and its unconventional circumstances would not take her away from him. He clicked his mandibles together; he prayed to her namesake that he had prepared Bhu’ja for her upcoming battles successfully. He glanced over at the smaller black armor that resembled his own hanging on the wall and could not wait to see her in it.

The young bloods would all be wearing armor that represented their teachers, but he had modified this set specifically for Bhu’ja’s smaller stature and her unique fighting stile. She would be able to fight the Kainde Amedhas without worrying about their blood and she would still be agile enough to defend herself against these particular ones.

River Ghosts where being used and the hard meats that emerged from these where heavier skulled, had an extra set of arms and a more whip like tail that was prized for creating weapons. She had expressed the desire to have her own set, so Set’rath had talked to Thar’n-thwei and the Elder had agreed to make it happen. However, Set’rath sighed, there was now five hunt sisters going to the surface, that meant there would be ten Kainde Amedhas instead of six and this group would be without a queen…that made them even more unpredictable and dangerous. In addition, the fact Kha’cti-pa had obviously stroked the right amount of cocks to get her simpering whelp of a daughter into this Chiva, made Set’rath’s blood boil wondering just what they had planned for Bhu’ja and hoped like hell, that his calculations to keep her safe where accurate. She had seemed unenthusiastic but agreed nonetheless to follow through with his directions.

He knew she would keep her word; she had after all gone along with his plan on the hunter’s planet.


 Set’rath helped Bhu’ja fit the plates of armor he had made for her from the head plates of the Kainde Amedhas from his last official hunt. Bhu’ja touched each piece with her fingertips as he strapped and buckled each section into place over her mesh bodysuit. “These are beautiful, when did you have this made?” She asked fascinated and impressed with how well each plate molded to her body.

“I made it while we slept apart.” He shrugged as if the making of such armor was no big deal, before adding. “It is the best I can do to keep you safe while you are hunting.” His voice grew strained. “Since, I cannot be with you on this hunt.”

As he buckled the last shoulder plate into place, Bhu’ja caught his hand and gently kissed the pulse point of his wrist. “You have trained me well, I will come back to you and I will bring two tails with me so you can teach me how to make my own whips.”

Set’rath snaked a large hand around the back of her neck and pulled her into his chest, their breastplates making an audible clank that echoed through the room. He caressed her jaw line with his lower mandibles and rumbled a series of purring clicks at her. Reaching up to finger one of his dreads between her fingertips, she smiled. “I love you too big guy.”

His eyes betrayed his surprise as he pulled back slightly as he looked down to lock his eyes with hers. “You understood?”

“I have limited vocalizations, but my father would make that pattern all the time to me and my mother. I know very well what it means.” She tugged slightly on his dread and he roughly embraced her against his chest folding himself possessively around her to place his chin against the back of her shoulder.

The communicator beeped and Set’rath let out an irritated growl before pulling himself away from Bhu’ja’s arms to answer. Thar’n-thwei’s voice rumbled over the speakers. “We have entered the S’ringa Galaxy and are on approach to planet K’lis 1 now.”

“Ghost is ready; we will head to the launch bay now for briefing.” Set’rath answered in a tight voice.

“Be there within ten.”

“Yes sir.” The communiqué clicked off and Set’rath rolled his shoulders. Turning to Bhu’ja, he handed her the custom gauntlets he had made for her with double blades hidden on each forearm and helped her secure them. He then handed her the few weapons she would be allowed to take with her to the surface.

Bhu’ja slid her knife into its sheath against her ribs and clicked her Shurikens into their holsters on each thigh. Set’rath then handed her a net launcher, which she secured just under her back plate and then coiled her trip wires and meat strings into their compartment on her hip. She then secured her med kit between her shoulder blades.

Stepping back she spun for a final inspection. “So how do I look?”

“Still missing something.” He grinned as he handed her the custom bio mask he had made to resemble his own with a slightly more feminine angle to the jaw line and more delicate gear shaped cheek carving. “I expect to see it etched when you come home.”

Bhu’ja took the mask and met his eyes. “It will be and I will.”

“Good. I fear that the hard meats are not your only enemy this day.”



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