Chapter 7: Blood and Secrets


Shadow and Ghost

Chapter 7: Blood and Secrets


As Bhu’ja wrapped her legs around the narrow slope of Set’rath’s hips, she locked her ankles the best she could behind him. He purred deep in his chest, the reverberations pulsed through her body. The tender caress of his lower tusks against her skin made her shiver. His eyes where heavily hooded with lust as his purring deepened into a throaty growl.

So…this is what it feels like to be wanted… Bhu’ja thought as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back exposing her throat to Set’rath. He flared his mandibles around the side of her neck softly nipping at the striped flesh above her pulse point. He caressed the back of her neck and shoulder with his upper mandibles, his lower he teased the front of her throat. Bhu’ja visibly shivered as his breath raised a fevered goose flesh on her skin. Tightening her hands in his dreads, she moaned softly.

The lustful sound excited him and he lowered his knee to press his hips firmly against her, pressing her against the wall. Opening her eyes to veiled slits, Bhu’ja took note of the restrained tension coursing through Set’rath’s body like a coiled spring ready to explode. Tightening her grip on his dreads Bhu’ja pulled hard and leaned into the crook of his neck just where the muscle of his shoulder begins. With her ability to see faint heat signatures, she watched his blood pulse. Her fangs flex forward with the overwhelming urge to taste the currents as she leaned into him touching her lips to his skin, pleading in a whisper. “Forgive me.” Sinking her fangs into his flesh a fevered heat rushed through her body as his blood touched her tongue its sweetness intoxicating.

Feeling her fangs pierce his skin Set’rath roughly pulled his hands away from her body, he slammed his palms into the wall curling his claws into it as a guttural growl erupted from Set’rath. She marked me.He thought, flaring his mandibles and pulling free from her grip on his dreads, he sank his own fangs aggressively into crook of her neck and shoulder. Mine. Scraping his claws across the wall, he wrapped his arms around Bhu’ja’s back as he pushed away from the wall, his hands gripping her shoulder blades. Curling his claws in against her skin, he tore through the flimsy fabric of her shirt as he raked them down her back. Bhu’ja pulled her fangs from his flesh breathing hard, desperate for air. Oh please don’t hate me. She begged silently.  Feeling a pulsing against her shoulder and a sharp sting, relief flooded through her as she realized he was biting her in return. Thank you Cetanu, for giving me a chance with a man not scared of a little blood.

The ribbed muscles of Set’rath’s mouth pulsed, drawing her blood into him. Cupping her hand against his lower mandible, Bhu’ja leaned her cheek against him and felt him gently pull his own fangs from her flesh. Purring he leaned into her touch, his voice was a throaty whisper as he met her eyes. “There is nothing to forgive. Tightening his arms possessively around her, he pulled her firmly against his chest. “You are mine and I am yours.”


For the first time since they had shared the bed in the guest quarters of the Berserker’s hunting ship, Set’rath circled an arm around Bhu’ja securing her against his chest. He admired her sleeping features and although she resembled a human, there was no mistaking her Yautja blood. He quirked an upper mandible in his crooked grin, he could still taste the sweetness of her blood and as he watched her sleep he felt himself grow protective of her. His hand rested on her bare thigh under the lacerations left by the Berserker. Glancing at them and then to the healing wounds on her cheek he reflexively tightened his arm around her. Never again will another male touch you violently.

Feeling briefly hypocritical as his eyes shifted to the punctures he’d inflicted upon her, but the guilt was short lived as his mind shifted to the wounds her fangs had marred his own skin with. He’d never bitten or allowed a female to bite him before during mating, he always dominated and never gave up control. Bhu’ja, deceiving in her soft human appearance had him so completely at her mercy. Every time during their consummation he thought he had her dominated, she found a way to control him. So this is what it feels like to lose control… He brushed a claw tip over the punctures. You are mine, and it will be known that I am yours. He promised.

A tiny beep caught his attention and Set’rath glanced towards the control panel near the door. A little light flashed and the beep began to get louder. He growled under his breath. Thar’n-thwei has c’jit for timing. Careful not to disturb Bhu’ja he slipped out of bed, turned off the incoming communication alarm and after one more glance at his sleeping mate, headed out of the room to the bridge.

“Gkaun-yte.” Set’rath answered the com-link as he sat down.

“Took you long enough to respond.” Elder Thar’n-thwei teased. “So you spoke to her then?” His voice sounded all to knowing and Set’rath caught himself nodding at the com before realizing what he was doing.

“Yes we discussed becoming pair bonded mates.”

“Are you really going to make me ask what your decisions where?”

Again, Set’rath could tell the Elder already knew the answer but wanted him to say it. “We are mated and have entered into a pair bonding.” There, I said it; I am off the mating market! He grinned at his private thought.

“Good. I look forward to being introduced to your mate when we dock in thirty seven hours.”

“Sir, may I commandeer one of the armor sets aboard this ship for Ghost?” Set’rath hoped the elder would not ask why or say no.

“You got vigorous, didn’t you?” The elder delighted in Set’rath’s discomfort.

Thar’n-thwei was a just leader, but he delighted in embarrassing his subordinates, especially him, a little too much and Set’rath had the nagging feeling he was being set up for something. Clearing his throat he answered as unaffected as possible. “Yes. Plus as my mate she should be dressed more appropriately before coming aboard the clan ship.”

Thar’n-thwei chuckled. “I am sure they have extra armor. See to it she is fitted and arm her as well.”

“Sir?” The elder had taken on a more serious tone and Set’rath grew nervous.

“You heard correctly. She will need to be ready to defend her right to pair bond with you.”

She is aboard isn’t she?” Set’rath groaned. Pauk, this is not good.

“Docked three hours ago and has been up my ass asking about you.” Thar’n-thwei audibly sighed. “You may want to arm yourself as well. She will be in a mood, once she hears about you committing to a pair bond.”

Set’rath rubbed at the tension building in his neck. “You have not announced to the clan about Ghost then?”

“No. There are…issues needing discussed before I annoyance her presence to the clan.”

“What issues sir?”

“That is enough for now. Get yourselves prepared and all will be revealed once I come aboard shortly.” Thar’n-thwei cut off communication, leaving Set’rath sitting in silence on the bridge surrounded by a looming cloud of apprehension.

Yep I’m being set up…


Bhu’ja stood wrapped in a sheet in the training room staring at the armor Set’rath had found for her. Eyeing it like a viper, she knew she had no choice but to wear it as her former garments had been sent to the afterlife by an enthusiastic male Yautja currently wearing an incredibly guilty look. Sighing in resignation. “Fine how do I put it on? Will it even fit? It looks ten times my size.”

Set’rath chuckled and some of the tension in his shoulder relaxed. Gesturing for her to drop the sheet he handed her a mesh body suit. “Take it. I show you.”And in his own naked glory began to step into one he had found for himself.

Bhu’ja nodded and after briefly admiring his form began to shimmy into her own. The mesh hung in baggy drapes and she raised a brow at him. “You cannot be serious about me wearing this.”

He held up a finger for her to give him a moment and handed her a computer gauntlet he had been fiddling with. Bhu’ja let him adjust it to her wrist and watched as he flipped it open and adjusted a few setting. She squeaked in surprise as the mesh tightened firmly against her forming to her body. “It fits! Ok this is kinda cool.” Admiring the computer, she noticed it did not look like the one Set’rath fitted onto himself and asked. “What is this part for?”

“I took liberties and customized that one for you. Flex your wrist.”

She did as she was told and a blade shot out under her hand. “Sweet.” She nodded approvingly and retracted the blade. He handed her the rest of the armored pieces she would be wearing and as he helped her adjust each section to fit properly, Bhu’ja asked. “When did you have time customize these?”

“I am handy with tools.” He winked at her as he adjusted the final shoulder and chest piece.

“That did not answer my question.” He just grinned at her and nodded approvingly. “And leaving these exposed because?” She gestured to the bite wound he had given her.

“Marks you as mine.”

Bhu’ja noticed he was leaving her bite on him exposed as well. Grabbing the thick leather strap of his chest armor, Set’rath voluntarily let himself be pulled to her and purred when her lips pressed against the joint of one of his upper mandibles. “And don’t you forget it.” She purred against his skin.

“We will have to continue where this may lead at a later time. Come I found weapons for you.” Straightening up he guided her to another table she had not seen before, laden with the real weapons of the Yautjas. He handed her the dagger she had used to kill the Hound Keeper and two Shurikens. He then helped her find comfortable placements on her armor for them and adjusted the wrist blade gauntlet onto her other arm.

“No whips?” She asked disappointed.

He shook his head. “You will have to cut them from the hard meats yourself during your Chiva.”

“My what?” Bhu’ja looked at him confused. Oh he couldn’t be serious…

“Another time.” He dismissed the question.

Damn, he’s serious. Set’rath handed her the mask he had worn on the planet, she looked up surprised. “But this is yours?”

He shook his head, his dread gently swinging behind him. “No. This one I give to you.”



The docking sequence did not take long and Bhu’ja gave herself a once over in the mirror making last minute adjustments to her armor. She had pulled her hair back into the single braid she favored and as she splashed a little water on her face to help calm her nerves, Set’rath came in. “Elder Strong Blood is coming on board, come. Let us great him.” Bhu’ja followed him to the docking bay.

Standing proudly next to Set’rath they waited for the Elder to come aboard. At the sound of the outer doors hissing open, Bhu’ja saw the familure bird like mask she remembered from twenty years ago. His dreads had become darker grey but he still walked with the commanding air that was reminiscent of her father. A twinge of loss tickled her memories as she lowered her eyes and bowed her head in honor of the Elder.

Set’rath spoke. “Shall we talk on the bridge?”

Thar’n-thwei held up a hand. “In a moment.” Placing his hand on Bhu’ja’s shoulder. “Raise your eyes.” His voice rumbled softly and Set’rath eyed him curiously.

Bhu’ja straightened up and proudly looked upon the Elder and smiled when he raised his hands to remove his mask. She could not help being a little excited at seeing him for the first time. He had never taken his mask off during the time he helped her and her mother so long ago. “It has been a long…” She trailed off when Thar’n-thwei removed his mask and greeted her with her father’s eyes. “Father?”



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