Complete Glossary of terms and names

(Could contain spoilers, as it is complete for the story):


Set’rath : “Deadly Shadow” Is our Hero.

Bhu’ja: “Ghost” is our Heroine (This is a nickname).

Cetanu’nan-de: “The Dark Warrior’s Kiss” or “Cetanu’s Kiss” (Bhu’ja’s Real Yautja name)

Kwei-kv’var-de: “Sly Hunter” (Bhu’ja’s Father)

Elder Thar’n-thwei : “Strong Blood” (Arbitrator elder, i.e. Set’rath’s superior/clan leader)

Elder (Kn’aka)

Clan Leader (K’cha’ku)

Vor’mekta : Stalker

Pauked: fucked

C’jit:  shit/damn

Honored (Kch-pa’ya-te)

Unblooded: Have yet to make a kill (Unblood (Thwei-mo))

Young Blood (Thwei-kalei)

Blooded: Honorably passed his Chiva (Trial)

Arbitrator: Yautja Judge, Jury, executioner (Arbitrator (Thei-de’aka))

Bad Bloods: Fugitives (dishonorable killers) (Bad Blood (Thwei-kya-te))

Ooman: Human

Berserkers: The 3 Super Predators

Cetanu : The Yautja God of Death (The Dark Warrior)

Paya : The Yaut’ja Warrior God

Med-kit: Field first aid kit

Shuriken:  A weapon like the hunter’s disk that opens up into an array of blades.

Combi-staff: A telescopic, extended to its full length when used in combat. It is made of incredible material, light but sharp, thin but strong.

Sei-i : Yes; Afirmative
H’ko: No; Negative
Pair Bond: Monogamous relationship (Rare for Yautjas, but does happen) Also referred to as a Life Mate

Kha’cti-pa “Reckless Spear”: dame of D’lex-dekna and in pursuit of a seat on the council

D’lex-dekna “Metallic eyes”: the only Daughter of Kha’cti-pa

Kainde Amedha : Hard Meat (Xenomorphs)
Pyode Amedha : Soft Meat (Humanoids)

Brave Blood: Yey’thwei –Hunt sister (top score)

Jungle Moon:  Dto’Luar-ke-Hunt sister (3rd score)

Dead Wood: Thei-Kiloun- Hunt Sister (4th score)

Mar’cte: Killer/assassin

H’ulij-bpe : Crazy

Nracha’var: Relentless Hunter, D’lex-dekna’s sire and originally thought to be dead.

*If Yautja is being fully spoken it will be in bold like this.




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